long, long serpent slithers 

close with his male human 

lovers wrapped in each other’s 

skins but the aswang does not 

envy a small bit—her lips occupied

with her diwata’s own pair

a vision of brown and ethereal 

whiteness beside the tree that expels

a sigh of contentment as its exposed

roots clutches close its mermaid sweetheart 

underneath these couples grow a grass—green 

as the Eden’s but holy only to us.

This literary piece is part of Katitikan Issue 4: Queer Writing.

By Jan Angelique Dalisay

Jan Angelique Dalisay writes about the surreal in Bisaya, English, and Tagalog. Her creative works appeared in the CCP's Ani 41st journal, Basabalak Kanunay podcast (Ep. 13), Bisaya, and Liwayway magazines. Currently, Jan does technical writing and secondary research for venture analysts and researchers in the healthcare space.

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