(Re)Solving the South(ern) Puzzle: Katitikan as Alternative Discourse

The impetus for the Katitikan project- a literary journal embedded firmly in the intersections of national, regional, and postcolonial discourses- lies in an often misarticulated necessity for the interrogation of various notions of “South” and its socio-political implications vis-à-vis literary production within the Philippine Archipelago. Crucial to this investigation is the critical turn in moving […]

Excavating the Trauma: Notes on the Teng Mangansakan’s Forbidden Memory

If the emotional is too on-top of the speaking voice, surrendering to a guiding thought – an idea, a proposition, a question – can pass as urgent. In watching the premiere of Gutierrez “Teng” Mangansakan’s Forbidden Memory last 2017, I had to quell a kind of rage gearing to erupt in the wake of a […]

The Settler Settles In: Locating a Space for the Settler in Rogelio Braga’s Colon

What if one flees the enemy—or better, pursues him—only to find that the enemy is one’s self?  Such is the fate of the post-colonial subject, whether identified with the colonizer or the colonized.  Indeed, one could argue that the lines between colonizer and colonized, such as they were drawn, have long bled into each other.   […]