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The Neuro-Psychiatric Examination tests the mental stability, adaptability, and psychological functioning of applicants before they are recruited into service. The purpose of the exam is to filter applicants if they are suitable for the uniformed services of the government.


Here are 6 Important Tips to Pass the Neuro-Psychiatric Exam.

  1. Manage your time during the exam

Tatay told me, the night before he went and conducted another drug raid, that what he does is not a matter of choice; it is his God-given occupation, one that he could never resist. Who he was then, was the result of years of training and determination and perseverance. It is who he is. I saw it in his eyes, not a hint of fear or hesitation, his voice did not shake even for a moment; he was proud of who he had become. His guns and magazines sprawled over the kitchen table, being meticulously cleaned and handled. Read More