Two hermit crabs face each other,
swift away vulnerable,
trying on each other’s shells.

Their bodies contour any shape
as long as it spells protection.

As a huge wave foams the tide line,
both are nudged to move. Their legs
press lightly on sand, only to
wash away the subtly prints.
Midday sun, in disbelief of
a cold exchange. This is why
we never fill                      another’s absence
the same way.                      We are houses
in constant need                      of shelter.

By King Llanza

King Llanza is from Lucena City, Quezon Province. His poetry dwells in the ecological and the personal. His works have appeared in Anak Sastra Literary Magazine, ALPAS Journal, Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, SAND: Berlin's English Literary Journal and is anthologized in BKL/Bikol Bakla: Anthology of Bikolnon Gay/Trans/Queer Writing. King is currently a graduate student of De La Salle University - Manila.

One thought on “A Brief Meeting”
  1. Hi, I’m Marilou Tierra from Lucena City, A public school teacher in LCNHS… May I use this poem as my literary text in my Strategic Intervention Material to be used to bridge the gap in learning among students? I will use this text to let them learn how to make connections between ideas presented in various texts to their personal life and to the world.

    Thank you for your positive response. This would be a great help among Lucenahin students. God Bless.

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