POLA, late-20’s, wife of Timo

LALAHON, diwata of Mount Talinis

TIMO, late-20’s, husband of Pola

EMMAN, 25, trekking guide


















The action occurs during the summer time of late May, starting at first in the base of the Bediao Geothermal Site in the Municipality of Dauin then proceeding further into Mount Talinis.

SETTING: The bigger the better when it comes to the stage because the character will be walking around a lot. A more elaborate production is required, with a lot of foliage needed. Props carried by actors are also important for they give emphasis to the ordeal they are going through.


























By Patricia Solidarios

Patricia ?Solidarios is a21-year-old Creative Writing student in Silliman University who likes to write love poems, humorous creative nonfiction, and mythical plays.

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