The Underside of Healing

My love, I was at our backyard this morning.
The rain was delivered fresh,
sealed with silver lining and sunlight
blessing us more than usual.

Snails crawled on manicured grass and tall wooden
fences. I was sitting by the garden table eating
hard-boiled eggs, tapped lightly onto rock salt
in between bites. Satisfied, I put a pinch
of salt on my palm, walked towards a snail
on the fence post. I seasoned its slimy body.
It retracted, foaming
like hydrogen peroxide against abrasion.
then slowly
detaching to its fall.

An hour later, it has not emerged.

This slithering open wound, safe
in its shell, will never recover.

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About King Llanza

King Llanza is from Lucena City, Quezon Province. His poetry dwells in the ecological and the personal. His works have appeared in Anak Sastra Literary Magazine, ALPAS Journal, Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, SAND: Berlin's English Literary Journal and is anthologized in BKL/Bikol Bakla: Anthology of Bikolnon Gay/Trans/Queer Writing. King is currently a graduate student of De La Salle University - Manila.

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