Yudi Santillan III



Fernando, Husband of Maria

Maria, Wife Fernando

Darb, Daughter of Fernando and Maria

Ellang, Daughter of Fernando and Maria

Babing, Maria’s brother

Ambrose, Nephew of Babing and Maria


Scene I

The stage is set in a living room. A glass table in the center of the stage. A bonsai and a piece of cloth for cleaning placed on top of the table. A long couch is placed in the center-back of the stage. Two single couches are perpendicularly placed on the left and right center part of the stage but it is not arranged properly. Cabinets perpendicularly placed on both left and right side of the long couch, filled with unarranged books, chinawares, miniatures, etc etc..  Fernando and Maria are cleaning the living room. Maria is wearing a long loose daster. Read More